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A Scientific History

100% Standardized First Milking Whole Colostrum has been scientifically proven to be a complete whole food, containing all the necessary vitamins, essential fatty acids, essential glyco-nutrients, minerals, amino acids, growth and immune factors. Both conventional and non-conventional health practitioners have used this natural “food” throughout history.

1940’s – Colostrum used for rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases
1950’s – Antibodies from colostrum used to create the polio vaccine
1970’s – Immunoglobulins found in colostrum used to combat viruses, bacteria, and yeast infections
1980’s – Colostral components, such as PRP’s, used for autoimmune situations
1990’s – Colostrum found to inhibit the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers
2000’s – IGF-1 and other natural growth promoters found in colostrum used for studies in anti-aging and enhanced immune response
2010’s – Ongoing global research into bioactive low molecular weight colostral components have unveiled a multitude of beneficial applications in gut health and cell-mediated immunity

Sick or healthy, young or old, everyone can benefit from colostrum!

Colostrum, the first food we receive as infants, contains biologically active properties and molecules essential for life functions. Supplementing daily with colostrum has been scientifically shown to benefit the human body in multiple ways, including: optimizing gut health, regulating the immune system , priming the body to age gracefully, encouraging proper metabolic function, toning and strengthening muscle and other tissue, in addition to providing essential vitamins and minerals. Colostrum may contain the perfect combination of vital components to assist our bodies in the biological processes of dealing with health-related issues.


Colostrum contains over 95 Immune Factors to provide protection against bacteria, toxins, virus and disease. These factors activate numerous processes that are critical to the healthy and balanced function of the immune system.


Research shows that colostrum can restore a leaky gut lining to normal permeability levels, reduce movement of toxins and gut microbes into the bloodstream, and promote the proliferation of beneficial bacterial while simultaneously inhibiting the proliferation of bad bacteria.


Colostrum’s ability to enhance health and healing from chronic diseases gives it the power to halt the destructive effects associated with human aging. The regenerative effects of colostrum support nearly all of the body’s structural cells.


Colostrum has the potential to provide support for any athlete by keeping the body functioning properly during strenuous exercise, which results in improved performance, body composition, injury repair, and recovery.


True bovine colostrum is produced before the actual birth of the calf and can only be collected for a short period of time before it begins to dilute with the subsequent production of milk. The active elements, such as immune factors, growth factors, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are at their optimal concentrations during the first day, following birth. Our colostrum is collected from the first milkings after the delivery of the calf. It is delicately spray dried, through proprietary processes, to ensure its nutritional and bioavailabilty profiles are preserved. 

We continue to explore the broad range of uses for colostrum by working hand in hand with the best professionals, doctors, and scientists in our industry. All of TBR Lab’s products are manufactured in inspected and licensed food processing facilities following current Good Manufacturing Practices. We guarantee that every precaution has been taken to provide the highest quality product to our clients. You deserve the best and we are working to provide superior products that enhance both the quantity and quality of your life.  We appreciate your support. We value your relationship. We are grateful you are reading this now. Simply put – We love your stinkin’ guts – TBRLABS