TBR Labs has been synonymous with top-shelf, premium grade, whole, first milking colostrum for several decades and we have no plans on altering our course. We work with the finest doctors, scientists, lab technicians, and industry experts which allows us to provide the highest quality colostrum and colostrum based products in the industry. Our whole first milking colostrum is collected from hundreds of US Grade A Dairies and processed using the most gentle processes available to ensure untouched bioavailability and efficacy.

We are not another supplement manufacture offering dozens of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements….we do colostrum, and we do it well! We truly believe that it doesn’t matter if you are sick or healthy, young or old,…everyone can benefit from colostrum. From healing body tissues and improving skin, hair, and nails, to regulating the immune system and optimizing gut health, our products and our focus are centered on providing colostrum based supplementation to improve both the quality and the quantity of life for all of our customers. It is said that our gut is our second brain, and if you heal the gut you will heal the body…well, welcome to our world…that’s what we do! At TBR Labs WE LOVE YOUR STINKIN GUTS!


Charlie Mitchell – President

Raised in a sport loving town in New Mexico, and the son of a collegiate football player, Charlie was introduced to an active healthy lifestyle from a very young age. He grew up playing team sports, golfing with friends and family, and skiing in the mountains of southern Colorado. He was a boy scout and loves exploring the world and pondering the universe to this day. Following high school he pursued his passion for the outdoors and moved to Utah to snowboard and explore life with friends. His entrepreneurial spirit led him into the tech world, the business world, into sales and operations, and in to manufacturing and packaging. He jokes about receiving his education from “The School of Hard Knocks”, and makes no excuse or embellishments or claims for something he is not. Charlie has been through real life experience, rubbing shoulders with the best in their fields, and will always be the first to admit that he may not always have the answers but knows someone who does.